Looking for Visual Signature Capture? We have now rebranded this product as CareLynks.

I thought you may be interested in how much of a difference your program has changed my implementation of Logician. Two days prior to trying out your program, I was seriously thinking of scrapping Logician. There was "no light at the end of the tunnel" since I did not know of a way of customizing the forms to meet my needs. To make a long story short, you have given me hope to building the EMR that I am inspired to have, although I have a long ways to go. Thank you!


Son D. Le, M.D., F.A.A.P.M.R.
Center for Spine, Joint, and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, P.C.


The new VFE 2.0 and its documentation are tremendous!

It is well worth the price, and makes what used to be a very tedious process a joy.

B. David Hall, M.D.
Carolina Women's Health Associates, PA

I love your program. I have been playing around with it and in just 2 hours time I edited several of my existing forms improving all the appearances. What do I do to purchase this now? Great Product!!

Wayne Ruby, MD

More important than the time required to actually create forms, the VFE allows users to make the kind of changes that they can see (visual difference) very quickly, even if the support programming has not been done (yet). This gives the Forms Designer some time to return to the end-user more quickly to see if the changes will address the user's needs. EFE required such an investment of time to create, that a large degree of resource time was spent on visual approach and it became an investment that the forms designer was hesitant to delete.<\b>

VFE is 5 times more intuitive than EFE and is improving all the time!

Zen Sutherland
EMR Specialist, Asheville Cardiology Associates

As you probably know, I am one that started out by using VFE with NO knowledge or experience whatsoever ... to think I can now maneuver around and alter/create forms is amazing! I took the EFE course a couple of months ago, and was helpful, and I even tried to do a couple of forms in EFE, but decided the ease and understanding of VFE is far superior, especially to a complete novice who doesn't know beans about MEL!

I guess I would like a MEL class eventually, even though the 'using data symbols' will probably help me when/if I ever have time to get through it.

Thank you for a wonderful product and wonderful support!

Stephanie Hyland
Woodway Internal Medicine

No user should have to use EFE (except to gain a true appreciation of VFE). GE should totally trash EFE and replace it with VFE. You've created such an elegant, extremely useful and functional editor. Without VFE, Logician becomes stagnant because of the onerous, time-consuming process to revise or create new content.

Diane Oskins
Asheville Cardiology Associates

I have only developed one form so far, but it was fairly simple to do (although it was a simple form). I have not ever used GE's EFE.

Carrie Sherier
University of Oklahoma

Dear Sir:
We have been up with Logician only 16 wks. I started your demo last wk and in the first 2 hours had completed the form below which includes most all of the different functions. I was extremely pleased. It was virtually self-explanatory "Out of the Box" Without instruction. I look forward to speaking with your rep at the Orlando conference next week. I would be happy to share examples of forms a neophyte computer user can create quickly.

Marshall D. Kelley, M.D.
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine