Looking for Visual Signature Capture? We have now rebranded this product as CareLynks.

Logical Innovations, LLC was founded with the vision of providing a better tool for the creation and editing of athenaPractice®/athenaFlow® encounter forms. The Visual Form Editor was designed by a physician and athenaFlow┬« user, who recognized the urgent need for a tool to simplify the creation of quality encounter forms. By simplifying the design tasks, the developer can focus more resources on the production of quality forms. This improvement not only benefits the designer, but also the doctors, nurses and medical support staff that utilize the EMR. The ultimate result is enhanced patient care.

This same vision of improving the EMR experience led Logical Innovations, LLC to develop its CareLynks product (formerly Visual Signature Capture), which eliminates paper workflows and reduces duplicate data entry.

Logical Innovations, LLC remains dedicated to enabling physicians and their health care team to provide superior patient care.