Looking for Visual Signature Capture? We have now rebranded this product as CareLynks.

Some key features of Visual Form Editor are:

  • Visual Design (WYSIWYG) editor speeds the development of encounter forms, eliminating the need to preview or load forms to view visual display. Overlapping visibility regions can also be viewed.
  • Drag and Drop allows for the rapid development and modification of encounter forms. Moving single components or groups of components becomes the easy task of dragging and dropping them in position. The Visual Form Editor will recalculate the exact positions where the objects will be placed when displayed in the EMR.
  • Resizing of form fields is accomplished visually.
  • Document Variable Naming supports the creation of user friendly variable naming.
  • Copy and Paste functionality simplifies the reusing of components within a form or between forms.
  • Multiple Document Interface facilitates design of several forms simultaneously. This feature also simplifies the sharing of components between forms.
  • Split View permits form design and MEL code development in the same window.
  • Container / Server Functionality enables the user to design forms to share the same Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan regions.
  • Control Improvements have been developed which allow for greater control of form display and translation. These include:
    • Suppression of entire block (including text and data display)
    • Suppression of visibility region translation
    • Optional display of headings for group boxes

To Learn more about Visual Form Editor click here to view/download a PDF of some of the features available.