Looking for Visual Signature Capture? We have now rebranded this product as CareLynks.

Visual Form Editor Training

Logical Innovations now offers training classes on using Visual Form Editor (VFE). Learn the fundamentals or advanced techniques for building Encounter Forms for AthenaFlow® and AthenaPractice® (formerly Centricity) EMR or Templates for CareLynks (formerly Visual Signature Capture). You can learn how to make smart Forms that make data entry during visits for your providers easier and faster. And if you are a CareLynks user, you can create your own Templates that mimic your current paper forms that patients need to fill out. You can create Templates for provider paperwork too and learn how to launch either of these from an athenaPractice® / athenaFlow® Form. More information on the topics covered in class can be found by clicking the Classes link to the left.

The Basic Form Building class is an introduction to VFE and forms. It includes form design, formatting, text translation design, and an introduction to MEL. It also includes intermediate features such as visibility and required fields. It is designed for the non-programmer who is interested in getting started building or editing forms.

The Advanced VFE class is designed for those with previous VFE experience. Building on basic MEL techniques, the class covers advanced VFE features, functions and expressions, complex data symbols, MEL Utilities, Arrays and Looping, function libraries and troubleshooting complex MEL.

The Template Building class includes template design, fonts and formatting, customizing attributes such as Document Type and Document Summary, workflow customizations, and advanced post-processing programming with FreeMarker.

The classes on Form development are taught by Lee Cooper. The class on Template development is taught by David Shower. Both are experienced consultants that have worked for years with Centricity EMR / athenaPractice® / athenaFlow® and Visual Signature Capture / CareLynks. More information on our instructors can be found by clicking the Teachers link to the left.

VFE classes on Form development are offered once a month. Twice during the month, if there is enough interest in a second class. Classes take place over two weeks. Classes are three hours a day, 3 days during the first week and 2 days during the second week. Click the Schedule link to the left to see the current class schedule.

VFE classes on CareLynks Template development are offered as demand warrants. Click the Contact link at the top of the page and choose Training as your question to get more information, pricing, or to schedule training with us.