Looking for Visual Signature Capture? We have now rebranded this product as CareLynks.

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A Paperless Workflow!

CareLynks (formerly Visual Signature Capture) saves paper, supplies, and staff time, while reducing the scanning of common authorizations and registration documents. In addition it presents a convenient, sophisticated office environment for patients while reducing re-entry of data and data entry related errors by staff.

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Your Encounter!

Visual Form Editor is the preferred tool for the rapid design of encounter forms for use with the athenaPractice® or athenaFlow® EMRs. This product allows visualization of the final form during creation and facilitates design improvements from start to finish. It also supports sharing information between forms and integrated note translations.

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Your Workflow!

Turn to the makers of Visual Form Editor to develop clinical content to meet the needs of your organization. We are able to develop superior forms more quickly than consultants using other tools. We will also provide you with all source files so that you can easily modify your forms once they have been created.

Now available!

Visual Form Editor Training Classes - Learn Encounter Form Development or CareLynks Template Development

Contact us and let us know which class you are interested in.

Beginner and Advanced VFE Form Classes are offered in alternating months.

CareLynks Template classes are offered when requested.

2024 Training Class Schedule