Looking for Visual Signature Capture? We have now rebranded this product as CareLynks.

Visual Form Editor Class Descriptions

Visual Form Editor Basic Class

The Basic Form Building class is an introduction to VFE and forms. It includes form design, formatting, text translation design, and an introduction to MEL. It also includes advanced features such as visibility and required fields. It is designed for the non-programmer who is interested in getting started building or editing forms.

Basic VFE Class Schedule

Day 1 - Discuss Basic VFE Design Concepts and Approaches.

Day 2 - VFE Building Basic Forms.

Day 3 - VFE Building Intermediate Forms.

Day 4 - VFE Text Translations.

Day 5 - Introduction To MEL.

Visual Form Editor Advanced Class

The Advanced VFE class is designed for those with previous programming experience, either with MEL or another language and who are comfortable using VFE. Building on basic MEL techniques, the class covers advanced VFE features, functions and expressions, complex data symbols, MEL Utilities, Arrays and Looping, function libraries and troubleshooting complex MEL. Class is designed for users with previous programming experience.

Advanced VFE Class Schedule

Day 1 - Advanced Visual Form Editor built-in functionality.

Day 2 - Working with MEL.

Day 3 - Arrays & Looping.

Day 4 - Working with Clinical Lists & Troubleshooting MEL.

Day 5 - Catch-up, Q&A, Discussion.

Visual Form Editor CareLynks Template Class

The CareLynks Template class is designed to give a person the skills to create or edit a Template that will create a PDF and send information to the EMR. Both Registration and Clinical data elements are covered. Class is designed for users with no previous experience in building Templates. Experience with VFE is helpful but not required.

CareLynks Template Building Class Overview:

Sections of a Template

Style Groups

Field Types

Field Defaults and Targets

Predefined Data Types

Output Specifications

Property Overrides

Post Processing Types

Template Layout

Intro to Apache FreeMarkerâ„¢