Release Notes - Visual Form Editor 2.20

Release Notes - Visual Form Editor 2.20

New Features

  1. New Layout Toolbar allows quick alignment / sizing of items
  2. New Function Toolbar allows quick insertion of standard and user defined MEL functions
  3. Interface to create Function Libraries has been enhanced to create a separate window
  4. Library versioning provides a simple way to track function libraries and warn the user if one is overwritten
  5. Enhanced integration with the Logician database will prompt the user for appropriate arguments when adding standard MEL functions from the function toolbar
  6. Syntax coloring of strings and comments in MEL expressions makes MEL easier to read throughout the program
  7. Smart formatting to complete standard MEL expressions has been improved
  8. Enhanced Undo/Redo from within areas to edit MEL expressions so that multiple sequential operations can be undone / redone
  9. MEL edit fields within dialogs were updated to support the same functionality previously available only in Function View window (e.g. smart formatting, syntax coloring, pop-up menu and connection to Logician Help on standard MEL functions)
  10. Implemented "Hotkeys" (activated by pressing Alt key) within item configuration dialogs to allow quick navigation within the dialog using the keyboard
  11. Added type column to the Select Observation dialog which displays whether the observation term is meant to store numeric or text data
  12. Added a warning message in the Output View about possible MEL watcher expressions embedded in item translations
  13. Optimized loading large forms to increase speed
  14. Optimized moving (dragging) large groups of items to increase speed of redrawing
  15. Display {DATA} in data display items so it is easier to see them in forms when label is hidden
  16. Added program options to reduce the size of generated clinical kits
  17. Draw outline around visibility regions so that it is easier to distinguish adjacacent visibility regions
  18. Moved Import/Export functionality (for working with EFE files) to Open and Save to reflect standard Windows functionality
  19. Allow placement of bitmaps within forms
  20. Allow creation of dynamic button labels

NOTE: Use of bitmaps and dynamic button labels is not supported by GE, but works within the current Logician application

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a problem in Container/Server implementation that would cause problems if server translation was greater than 2000 characters
  2. Fixed a problem with interface for MEL_ADD_PROBLEM functionality for minor diagnoses
  3. Fixed several instances where screen would not be immediately refreshed after a change was made (e.g. changing section / page labels and deleting items with a height or width of zero)
  4. Improved display of flowsheets with a large number of lines to more accurately represent appearance in Logician
  5. Fixed handling of insert template and tab-to-colon within multi-line edit fields