Looking for Visual Signature Capture? We have now rebranded this product as CareLynks.

Consulting Services - Using the best tools to provide the best results!

Our range of services includes:

  • Clinical Content Design
    • Encounter Forms*
    • Letters
    • Handouts
    • Flowsheets
    • Banners
  • Training Services
    • Form Design
    • MEL Programming
  • Interface Specification Design
    • Cross Reference Files
    • HL-7 Messaging Formats
  • Custom Crystal Reports
  • Development of CareLynks (formerly Visual Signature Capture) Templates

* Please note that because we utilize Visual Form Editor for all form development and have extensive experience in developing complex content, we can often develop content much more quickly than other consultants that are not using this software. However, we do require that an appropriate single-user license for Visual Form Editor be purchased by all organizations that are requesting form development work. This license will allow you to use the forms developed and also entitles one individual within your organization to download, install and use the Visual Form Editor to make modifications to your encounter forms.

If you feel that we can be of service to you and your organization or you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.